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  • All snacks and meals are provided on site, all made from fresh ingredients supplied locally.

  • Our Menu is a 4 week rolling rota, to ensure a variation of different foods.

  • If your child has any dietary needs then we will cater for this.

  • Breakfast is served between 7.45 am - 9am daily, with a choice of cereal, toast, Fruit, crumpets, pancakes with milk or water.

  • Snacks are also provided between meals which can be accessed independently or in a group snack depending on the age and stage of development of individual children.

  • Dinner is a hot home cooked nutritional 2 course meal, which is served around 12 midday.

  • Tea is a 2 course lighter meal served around 4pm.


Jitterbugs 4 Week Menu

Week 1

Day Dinner Tea
(V) Monday Chicken Korma/ Tikka with Boiled rice
Bananas & Custard
Vegetable/Quorn Korma
Spaghetti with bread and butter
Chocolate mousse
(V) Tuesday Vegetable and bean hotpot with sliced crispy potatoes.
Melon and grape bowl.
Quiche Lorraine with baked beans
Homemade Biscuit
(V) Wednesday Minced beef mashed potato and sweet corn.
Fresh fruit Salad.
Cream of thick Chicken soup with Bread roll.
(V) Thursday Macaroni cheese and broccoli
Angel delight with sprinkles
Meat paste sandwiches with mixed pepper and apple sticks.
Homemade Muffin.
(V) Friday Swedish meatballs with new potatoes and mixed vegetables.
Baked Sultana or mandarin Rice pudding.
Vegetable balls.
Cream crackers with variety of toppings with tomato and cucumber nibbles.

Week 2

Day Dinner Tea
(V) Monday Homemade fish cakes Chipped potatoes & peas.
Fruit and ice cream.
Beans and/or scrambled eggs on toast.
Home made butterfly buns.
(V) Tuesday Chicken breast with new potatoes and broccoli.
Semolina pudding topped with jam/raspberry sauce.
Quorn chicken.
Vegetable soup with bread roll.
Angel delight.
(V) Wednesday Potato, cauliflower and leek bake topped with grated cheese served with beans.
fruit in jelly.
Crackers with variety of toppings served with cucumber and pepper slices.
Jam tarts.
(V) Thursday Sausage casserole.
Chocolate sponge and chocolate custard.
Vegetable casserole.
Creamy tomato pasta bake and garlic bread.
Ice cream cone.
(V) Friday Minced beef and vegetables with savoury rice.
Fruit in yoghurt.
Soya mince and vegetables with savoury rice.
Ham, and /or cheese spread sandwiches with carrot and tomato nibbles.
Chocolate crispy cake.

Week 3

Day Dinner Tea
(V) Monday Sausage & mash potatoes with mixed vegetables & Gravy.
creamed rice pudding with strawberry sauce.
Veggie sausage.
Pizza and garlic bread.
Jelly and ice cream.
(V) Tuesday Chicken and vegetable curry with boiled rice.
Banana Angel Delight.
Vegetable curry.
Grated cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and cucumber nibbles.
Bake well tart.
(V) Wednesday Fish baked with herbs, new potatoes and broccoli.
Fruit sponge & custard.
Baked beans and/or scrambled eggs on toast.
Chocolate mousse.
(V) Thursday Spaghetti Bolognese.
Tropical fruit salad.
Soya mince.
Tuna and sweetcorn pitta breads with tomato and cucumber nibbles.
(V) Friday Vegetable stew with dumplings.
Meringue with fruit and fresh cream.
Spaghetti with bread and butter.
Piece of fruit

Week 4

Day Dinner Tea
(V) Monday Mascarpone Pasta bake with garlic bread.
Ham or cheese spread sandwiches carrot and Cucumber slices.
Peaches with sunflower seeds.
(V) Tuesday Toad in the hole with new potatoes and mixed vegetables
fruit Crumble & custard
Veggie toad in the hole
Pizza and garlic bread.
Jelly bowls with fruit.
(V) Wednesday Chicken & sweet corn pie with chipped potatoes and peas.
Arctic roll.
Veggie cake.
Cheese scones served with beans.
Homemade strawberry or blackberry Cheese cake.
(V) Thursday Fishermans pie with parsley sauce and broccoli.
Semolina pudding topped with jam.
Cream of Tomato Soup & roll.
Banana cake.
(V) Friday Chilli con-carne with boiled rice.
Fruit flan.
Tomato and mushroom pasta.
Tuna pitta breads with corn on the cob.
chocolate mousse.
Last updated on the 13th March 2014.