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Our Baby and Toddlers unit is situated on the first floor in number 7 Trinity Road. The babies and toddlers will receive continuity of care as the area is staffed with key workers who are qualified in childcare. Babies and Toddlers have access to the Tweenies unit both indoors and outside on a daily basis, before they reach the age of 2, so they can become familiar with the Tweenies environment which helps with your child's transition when they are ready to move. The ratio of adults - children in the Baby and Toddlers is 1 staff to every three babies and toddlers. Children in the baby and toddler unit will be issued with a diary book. It will include feeding, sleeping and nappy/toileting routines. Any other relevant information will also be recorded. This book will go home after each day your child attends the setting and is to be brought back each time your child attends. Parents are also encouraged to write down any information that may be relevant to your child's care while at the setting. This book provides us with a close link between home and the setting especially if someone else is bringing or dropping your child off. The children are introduced to a "free flow" environment which is carried out through out all of the setting. This allows the children to access any interests in the areas provided be it messy play, role play, small world, construction etc. we also have areas for both babies and toddlers to enjoy 'quiet' time may this be looking at a book or carrying out an activity or if and when a child's needs some quality with an adult. All the children's educational needs and development are met through everyday play.


The Tweenies unit is situated on the ground floor of number 5 Trinity Road. The unit is designed for children aged approximately 2-3, however if your child is ready for more challenges they may move into this area slightly earlier or later than the stated age. This all depends upon your child's stage of development. The unit is split into three main areas:

  • Play room - providing role play, construction, small world jigsaws, book area etc there is also a sleep den where your child can have a rest or a sleep.
  • Meal times and snacks.
  • Creative room - with access to paint, collage, sand water and malleable activities.
  • Outdoor area - with planting, role play, construction, small world and lots more outdoor activities.

Within the setting we provide a wide range of educational activities and resources for the children to explore and access. Ensuring all areas of the children's development through The Early Years Foundation Stage is met. Your child is free to access all activities depending upon his/her own interests. Within the unit we provide both adult guided activities to ensure all their individual educational needs are met and also child initiated. This means if the children show particular interests in a certain area of development we would then extend upon these. For example: a child has had a day at the beach with family and has returned to Jitterbugs telling us about their experiences, we would then plan activities based on the beach, encourage sand castle building, bring things into the setting i.e. sea weed/shells and other beach objects for the children to explore.


The Pre-school unit is based on the ground floor in number 7 Trinity Road. There are three large areas:

  • Playroom - providing: ICT, role play, mark making, music, small world construction and a book corner etc
  • Creative area - opportunities for paint, gluing, sand water and malleable materials
  • Large outdoor area - situated on 3 levels providing opportunities for: music, physical, water, sand, painting, construction, planting, role play and exploration of the outdoor environment.

The Pre-school provides an extensive range of educational activities for the children, on a free flow system both indoors and outside. Activities/experiences provided meet all 7 areas of the curriculum enabling the children to make independent choices about where they want to play and the type of activities they access. Within this area practitioners provide activities which follow the children's interest in addition to adult guided activities. Snack time within the Pre-School unit is operated on a free-flow system. The children are offered a choice of two healthy snacks and a drink of water, milk or homemade fruit or vegetable smoothie and they are able to choose which they would like, and at what point throughout the session. This is to promote independence and develop their social skills. Our Pre-school is the stepping stone to preparing your child for school and we aim to provide the very best educational start for each individual child.


Children within the Pre-School unit also take part in French lessons. We have a French teacher who comes into the setting once a week, throughout the term who undertakes interactive singing sessions and games with the children to develop their French vocabulary. The children thoroughly enjoy learning: phrases, animal names and action songs in French which in turn develop into small conversations.