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Out of School

The Jitterbugs Out of School Club provides wrap around care and holiday care for children when they are not in school.

We pick up and drop off during term time from:

  • Wheatcroft School
  • St Martins School

Our Holiday club which runs out of term time is open to all children from any school.

The Out of School Club accommodates children from age 4 to age 14.

The children are transported using the Jitterbugs Mini bus, (The bus is fitted with age appropriate seating and seat belt restraints for ages 0-14 years). Jitterbugs Out Of School Club is open throughout all school holidays which any child may access.

The Out Of School Club provides a number of areas for the children to access, some of which include: a quiet area where the children are able to unwind after a busy day at school, outdoor area where they can explore and release excess energy, creative area where they are able to paint, glue, stick and explore malleable activities and develop creativity. During the holidays the children enjoy being able to undertake additional activities such as: Days out, baking, creating shows and having visitors into the setting.

The Holiday club accommodates children between the ages of 4 to 14 years. The club opens at 7.45am to 6pm during the school holidays and some staff training days. We offer breakfast, a 2 course lunch and 2 course tea as well as a morning and afternoon snack. We have a games room with a wide range of activities from board games to play station games. We have a creative room with opportunities use different material and malleable activities. We also have an outdoor play area. The club offers lots of activities including outings and trips to the local environment. Activities are varied for the child's interests and based around themes. Other activities include, games, crafts, drama, Music, computers, writing area, science, role-play, cooking, Reading and outdoor play.


Within the Out Of School Club the children will have opportunities to do some homework if they wish to do so and seek out the help of staff along with the provisions provided.